Best Outdoor Wood Furniture for Elegant Patio

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outdoor wood furniture

While all wood furnishings looks nice when you first place it outdoors, most woods, especially softer woods, can begin to crack and eventually splinter and break during the harsh winter months.

You could always bring them in during the winter to increase their life, but it isn’t always easy or practical. Outdoor furniture will take up lots of space during a storage shed or garage, area that may be needed for other things, like your car during a snowstorm. Not to worry. There are woods that will weather the elements very well.

The big 3 woods are Western Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar and Teak. The good news is that all 3 will grow in managed forests or plantations these days, so you’re not solely getting great wood furniture, however it’s sustainable as well.

All 3 woods are very strong and weather resistant. The two cedars can flip a lovely silver gray as they age and you’ll leave them out in the elements. They’re naturally proof against rot, although they’re touching the bottom. You’ll leave them untreated and they will not shrink or become warped as the years pass.

Teak is another excellent selection. It won’t warp either, nor can it swell. It’s a wonderful hardwood that you’ll additionally find on the deck of sailing boats and yachts. That said it will need a bit more maintenance to stay it looking like new. The best method is to use a layer of marine quality teak oil to your furnishings. Do not trouble getting the stuff from home improvement stores that says it is teak oil. Get the real issue from a boat or marine supply store. It’ll last longer and keep the teak looking gorgeous for years, if not decades.

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