Installing an Exterior Door for New House Construction

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installing an exterior door

A door is held up by various door hardware like door hinges and the door hinge is connected to the frame and the door with hinge pins. There is going to be a door knob or door handle, door lockset, and other various door hardware that you might add to your exterior door to increase the look of it.

Generally an exterior door goes to be 32″ and 36″ in width, and 6″8 or taller in height. These are the quality sizes that give us the necessary dimension that we need to suit most of our furniture and appliances through.

First you’re going to need to remove the molding from around the door in order that you can expose the nails. Now once the molding is removed you’ll take your sawzall and begin cutting the nails around the door. Doing this is going to remove the entire door frame. It’s always an honest idea for you to install an exterior door, or even an interior door with two people. You’ll be able to do it alone however it’s a lot easier when you have some help.

Exterior door installation is easier with 2 people but may be done alone. Put the door in the opening from the outside. If you’re working alone, tack the door to the wall through the brickmoulding, not driving the nails home.

Once you have removed the old door you can now begin installing the new door in the opening. It is very important that you make sure that the door is level before you begin nailing the door jamb into place. And this is essentially all there’s to installing an exterior door with the frame. There are several online how to websites that will be complete with pictures to create this process much easier for you to follow along with.

Once the door and jamb are in position, shim the vertical at each hinge and at the strike, top and bottom on the strike side. Nail the shims in place by nailing through the vertical, through the shims and into the framing. Check the door swing to check if it opens and closes properly. If all is well, go outside and nail through the brick mould using the splitless nails to nail the door frame to the house.

Most door manufacturers offer long screws that replace some of the shorter screws in the hinges on the jamb. The top hinge is the most important place to use one or two of these screws. These screws go through the jamb and into the framing and keep the door from sagging over time.

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