Unique Minimalist Patio Furniture Covers

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patio furniture covers

Choosing the correct cover is very important because selecting the incorrect kind will actually hurt your furniture more than it helps. Here’s the way to choose the correct patio furniture cover.

Good fit

You need to measure your patio set to create sure you get the right size cover. That sounds too easy but if you get one that’s too small it can stretch and wear out faster. And they are super hard to get on if they are too small. If you get one that’s too big it’s terrible and may blow off with a decent wind.


This depends on many factors but climate is that the most important. Covers can be made of vinyl, plastic, canvas and some other, more exotic, materials. If you reside in an area that gets immeasurable snow or wind you may want a heavier, thicker cover. If you live in areas that are more temperate you may opt for a lighter cover that you will remove easily. This way you’ll use your patio set once the weather is nice enough.

Colors and style

This is the fun part. You’ll find a patio furniture coverĀ in lots of great colors and patterns to match your decor so have some fun and find something that fits your style.

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